Our excellence today, towards the future

The diffusion of ecological mobility is bound to continuous innovation in both products and solutions and also process and structures.

Our jewel in the crown are the R&D Automotive Labs, reference point for collaborations and synergies with the most prestigious universities, international research centres and companies that choose as a privileged supplier for emission, approval and applied research tests in an automotive realm.

Our laboratories are the force of an “innovation system” intended as process, product, service, activity, promoted by companies, organisations, citizens who contributes to enhancing the value of the natural environment, promoting social cohesion and strengthening competitiveness of the economic system.

Engine Test Rooms

Our engine test rooms have won the prestigious international Engine Test Facility of the year 2014 award.”. They allow engines up to 490 kW powered by various fuels, both liquid and gas, to be tested.

Parts tests

We are the only company in the sector that has dedicated laboratories for testing parts directly with LPG, Methane and Hydrogen gases.

Emissions tests

Our labs have systems for testing engine and vehicle discharge emissions, including the measurement of particulate and the number of particles in agreement with Euro 6 anti-pollution laws.

Climatic chamber

The new climatic chamber can reach -35°C, reproducing the conduct of the vehicle on road, in markets with extreme weather conditions.